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Buy your Premium Pack

To start selling on La Marketplace, subscribe first to a Premium Pack here. Then, add the Premium Pack to your cart. Proceed to checkout and create your customer’s account:

  1. Fill in all the requested fields to issue your invoice
  2. Remember to cross-check “Create an account?”
  3. Define your password

To validate your account, please proceed to the payment.

How to switch your user's account into a seller's account?

Once your payment is validated:

  1. Go to your user’s account
  2. Then, click on the button “Become a Seller”
Add details about your Seller's profile

To validate your seller’s profile:

  1. Add administrative details about your e-shop
  2. Accept our Terms and Conditions
  3. Validate your seller’s profile by clicking on the button “Become a seller”
Overview of the menu
  1. Access your dashboard
  2. Add and manage all your products in your e-shop
  3. Manage your orders
  4. Create and manage your coupons’ campaign
  5. Visualize your activity’s reports
  6. Manage buyers’ comments published over your products
  7. Transfer money to your bank account
  8. Option unavailable for the moment
  9. Edit your e-shop’s parameters

A. Visit your e-shop

B. Details about your customer’s account

C. Log out of your account

Understand "Settings" Menu (Sticker 9)
  1. Overall details over your e-shop
  2. Configure how you want to transfer your money from your sales
  3. Configure delivery and postage costs
  4. Define your social profiles
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your e-shop
  6. Authentificate your e-shop
Start to configure your e-shop by clicking on "Settings"
  1. Add a banner to the homepage of your e-shop
  2. Add the logo of your e-shop
  3. Define the name of your e-shop
  4. Configure how many products you would like to display in your e-shop
  5. Define the complete address of your e-shop
  6. Define your city
  7. Define zip code
  8. Define country
  9. Define a valid phone number
  10. Cross-check this option if you want to display your e-mail address on your homepage
  11. Cross-check this option to display your terms and conditions on your homepage.

Click on the button “Update settings” to save your profile.

Trusting program: Authentificate your e-shop by clicking on "Verification" option in the menu
  1. Select how you want to authentificate your e-shop: with your business registration number; with your VAT business number; with your EORI number
  2. Upload a copy of the document showing your business registration number / VAT number / EORI number ; save your modification by clicking on “Submit”
  3. Verify the address of your business and save the modificationby clicking on “Submit”
First step: Configure your withdraw option in "Settings" menu
  1. Use Paypal option: Define your Paypal’s account
  2. Use bank direct transfert: Define first and last name of the bank account’s owner
  3. Enter the IBAN of your banl account
  4. Enter your bank’s name
  5. Define the complete address of your bank
  6. Enter your BIC code
How to make a withdraw from your seller's account to your direct bank account?
  1. Click on “Transfer Money” option in the left menu
  2. Check your balance. To request a withdraw, your balance must be over 150.00 €.
  3. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw
  4. Select the withdraw method: direct bank tranfer or PayPal transfer

Click on “Submit request” to send your request. Your request will be checked by our directors within 48 hours. We will inform you by e-mail about the status of your request.

a) See all your withdraw requests

b) See all approved withdraw requests

Setting up the delivery and postage costs
  1. Cross-check this option to enable shipping for the selected product
  2. Set up the defaut shipping price
  3. Set up the additionnal cost for each new product added in the cart
  4. Set up the additionnal cost for each new quantity per product
  5. Define the processing time of the order before shipping
  6. Define your shipping’s terms and conditions
  7. Define your refund’s terms and conditions
  8. Define the shipment’s country
  9. Select the countries where you accept to ship; then define the shipping cost for each selected country. Select “Everywhere else” option if you accept to ship everywhere in the world and set up the default shipping price
  10. To add specific countries, save the selected country by clicking “Add Location”.

To save your shipping settings, click on the button “Save settings”.

Gérer les produits référencés dans votre boutique
  1. Button to add a new product to your e-shop
  2. Edit details about your product
  3. Inventory status
  4. Availability of the product in your inventory
  5. Selling price of the product
  6. Showing number of views over the product
1. Edit details about your product

a) Title of your product’s information

b) Define selling price (ex. VAT)

c) Cross-check this option to enable discounted price for this product

d) Short description

e) Upload main picture of the product

f) Choose categories of the product

g) Enter tags for the product to help searching products

h) Full description of the product

i) Change the status of the product

j) Option unavailable at the moment

k) Upload additionnal pictures (Max. 4 pictures)

Save all the details by clicking on “Update product”

2. Add further details about the product

a) Add further details to be displayed to the buyers

b) Cross-check this option to enable buyers to review the product

c) Make the product visible in your e-shop only, our search engine or both.

d) Cross-check this option to make the product only available in a single order (Any other products can be added in the same order).

Save the details by clicking on “Update product”.

3. Manage the inventory

a) Enter a SKU (Optional)

b) Cross-check this option to enable stock management for the product

c) Enter the quantity available in your stock

d) Define the status of the stock for the product

e) Define if you allow back-orders if the product is not in stock anymore

f) Define if you include VAT in the selling price

g) Define the tax class of the product

Save the details by clicking “Update product”.

4. set up the gross size and weight for the shipping

a) Cross-check this option to disable shipping for the product

b) Define the gross weight in kg (Kilogram)

c) Define the size of the shipping box in cm (Centimeter)

d) Cross-check this option to set up the shipping cost for the product independently from the initial setup during the configuration of your e-shop

5. Set up attributes to the product (Not available at the moment)

Option currently not available.

Thank you for your patience.

Modify the password of your account
  1. Click on “Edit account” icon

a) Enter your current password

b) Enter your new password

c) Confirm your new password

Click on “Save changes” to save the modification.

Set up the SEO of your e-shop
  1. Set up a title for your homepage
  2. Add a description of your e-shop
  3. Enter keywords describing your activity
  4. Enter the title of your Facebook’s page
  5. Enter Facebook’s description
  6. Upload the picture of your Facebook’s page
  7. Enter the title of your Twitter’s account
  8. Enter description for your Twitter’s account
  9. Upload a picture for your Twitter’s account

Click on “Save changes” to save the details.

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